NSS Adopted Villages

Brief description

NSS Unit of Government Kamalanagar College, Chawngte has declared these three villages as ‘NSS Adopted Village 2017-2019’. They are (i) Udalthana-I; (ii) Baganpara; and (iii) Tuikhurlui.

There are 3 (Three) NSS Unit in the college, and difference extension services have been extended to the adopted villages. viz., (1) Construction of Public Toilet, (2) Construction of Public water point, (3) Cleanliness drives etc.

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    Government Kamalanagar College
    Kamalanagar, Chawngte
    PO: Kamalanagar, Chawngte
    Dist: Lawngtlai
    State: Mizoram 796772
    Phone: 0372-2563078 (Office) or 9862356932(IQAC Coordinator)
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