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"End Semester Examination(Odd Semester) starts from 11th November 2019 (9:00am to 4:00pm)"##"Regular classes for Even Semester will resume from December 2019"

Government Kamalanagar College is co-educational Under Graduate (UG) Degree College, and abbreviated as GKNC. It is located in Kamalanagar, Chawngte, the Headquarters of Chakma Autonomous District Council (CADC) in Mizoram. The area was purely Tribal belt, as enshrined by the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution of India. It was bounded by 318 km of Indo-Bangladesh border in the West, and 404 km of Indo-Myanmar border at the south, and the CADC was at the tip of India international border in Mizoram state. Absolutely, it is Tribal inhabited area, where majority of the population is Chakma (Tribal), but different other tribal communities, like Bawm (Mizo), Tlanglau (Mizo), Reang / Bru, and few businessmen of non-tribal communities, subsistent their live in the headquarters and nearby villages.read more>>

Govt. Kamalanagar College aims at imparting futuristic education to its students and instills high patterns of discipline through its dedicated and ambitious staff that set a global standard, making our students intellectually superior and ethically strong, which in turn will have the potential to improve the quality of life across all areas of life and livelihood.We believe that the individuals make the nation……………………. To build up the nation character the development of the individual character is a must. It is our motto to help build the character of our students through the following: HARD WORK CLEAR VISION IRON WILL read more>>

  • Address
    Government Kamalanagar College
    Kamalanagar, Chawngte
    PO: Kamalanagar, Chawngte
    Dist: Lawngtlai
    State: Mizoram 796772
    Phone: 0372-2563078 (Office) or 9862356932(IQAC Coordinator)
    Email : collegekama@gmail.com